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We, at R One Design Studio, are a dynamic and creative firm specializing in interior design, product planning, installations, set design, and more. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we strive to deliver unique and captivating solutions that leave a lasting impact.

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Our mission

At R One Design Studio, our mission is to redefine creativity and design by offering a comprehensive range of services that encompass interior design, creative product planning, meticulous execution, and high-quality installations. With expertise in crafting unique and innovative concepts, we excel in creating captivating sets, stages, and immersive environments. From creating awe-inspiring installations to breathing life into scrap materials, our team is driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional results. Our firm is dedicated to transforming spaces and experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the world of design and imagination.

Our vision

Our vision at R One Design Studio is to be a pioneering force in the realm of creative design, setting new benchmarks for innovation and excellence. We envision a future where our artistic vision and expertise transcend boundaries, inspiring and transforming spaces around the world. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and responsible design practices, we aim to create harmonious environments that evoke emotions and leave lasting impressions. Through our visionary approach, we strive to bring forth unique and meaningful experiences, where aesthetics and functionality coexist seamlessly. Guided by our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and client satisfaction, we aspire to be the catalysts for positive change, shaping the landscape of design with our passion and ingenuity.

What's Happening at R One Design

Our team

Our team is a dynamic ensemble of talented individuals dedicated to delivering exceptional results through collaborative innovation and unwavering commitment.

Pavan Deshpandey


Shalini Despandey

Managing director

Devendra Shakya

Creative Director

Dr. Prathibha Chaturvedi

Legal Head

Maheep Tomar


Gajendra Shayka


Gulfaam Bhai


Syed Farookh