Creative Projects

Unleashing Creative Endeavors with Exceptional Craftsmanship

Piston Table Watch

Experience the perfect harmony of automotive prowess and horological artistry with our Piston Table Watch.

Momento of Mahakal Mandir

Embrace the divine energy with our Mahakal Mandir Momento, a cherished symbol of devotion and spiritual connection.

Decorative Abstraction Art

Ignite your imagination and elevate your space with our Decorative Abstraction Art, a captivating fusion of colors, shapes, and emotions that transcends traditional boundaries of creativity.

Metal Table Watch

Embrace timeless elegance and durability with our Metal Table Watch, a heavy duty and sophisticated timepiece that adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

Key Board Pen Holder

Organize your workspace in style with our Key Board Pen Holder, a clever and functional accessory that combines the charm of a vintage keyboard with the practicality of a pen holder.

Vintage Coin Clock

Embrace the allure of nostalgia with our Vintage Coin Clock, a timeless masterpiece that elegantly combines the charm of vintage coins with the functionality of a classic timekeeping device.

Model of Eiffel Tower

Capture the essence of Parisian grandeur with our meticulously crafted Eiffel Tower Model, a captivating replica that brings the iconic landmark's majesty and romance to your home or office.


Unleash your creativity and environmental consciousness with our Waste-Transformed Guitar, a unique instrument crafted from a harmonious blend of recycled materials, embodying the spirit of sustainability and musical innovation.


Celebrate the enchanting world of mushrooms with our Mushroom Group Memento, a whimsical tribute that captures the beauty and mystique.

Unity Momento

Embrace the power of unity and connection with our Unity Momento, a symbolic keepsake that beautifully represents harmony, collaboration, and togetherness, making it an ideal gift


Celebrate the enchanting world of mushrooms with our Mushroom Group Momento, a delightful keepsake that pays homage to the beauty and diversity.

Charkha Momento

Celebrate the timeless legacy of Mahatma Gandhi with our Charkha Momento, a poignant tribute to his philosophy of nonviolence and self-sufficiency, embodying the spirit of spinning a thread of unity and change.

Bharat Mata

Embrace the patriotic spirit with our Bharat Mata sculpture, a reverent tribute to Mother India's grace, strength, and eternal love, capturing the essence of national pride and unity.

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Illuminate your space with eco-conscious style using our Plastic Bottle Chandelier, a captivating fusion of sustainability and design, transforming discarded plastic bottles into a stunning centerpiece that shines a light on the beauty of upcycling.


Commemorate 50 glorious years of excellence and achievements with our bespoke BSSS College 50th Anniversary Memento, a token of pride and nostalgia that honors the institution's rich legacy and contributions to education.

Momento of IIFM

Capture the essence of sustainability and environmental stewardship with our IIFM Momento, a symbol of dedication to ecological conservation and responsible management, perfect for honoring the achievements of the Indian Institute of Forest Management.

Mobile Stand

Combine functionality and artistry with our Mobile Stand adorned with Mandana Art, an exquisite blend of traditional Indian folk motifs and practicality, offering a visually striking and hands-free solution for your mobile device.

Keyboard Recliner

Experience ultimate comfort and productivity with our Keyboard Recliner, a revolutionary ergonomic solution designed to provide unparalleled support and relaxation while you work, ensuring a harmonious balance between comfort and efficiency.