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Rudra Veena crafted from vehicle scraps and trash in six months. This 28 ft long, 10 ft wide, and 12 ft high masterpiece was created with 5 tons of metal waste, making it a true symbol of dedication and craftsmanship.

This scrap installation Rudra Veena stands as a symbol of sustainability, repurposing discarded materials to create something extraordinary. It is the world's largest veena made of scrap and serves as a testament to human creativity, reminding us of the potential for beauty and artistry in the most unexpected places. Its presence transcends boundaries and inspires all who encounter it to reconsider what is possible when passion and resourcefulness collide.

Truly, this monumental creation invites us to appreciate the transformative power of art, as it breathes new life into what was once deemed worthless.

Rudra Veena
Widespread recognition and media coverage.

Headlines across newspapers highlighted the audacity of transforming discarded metal into a monumental musical sculpture. The sheer size and meticulous craftsmanship of the Rudra Veena caught the eye of journalists and photographers, resulting in captivating images that adorned the front pages of prominent publications.


Presenting a captivating and eco-conscious masterpiece that harmonizes art and sustainability—a guitar-inspired scrap installation crafted entirely from 4 tons of discarded metal waste, E-waste, and plastic waste. Nestled near the serene shores of Upper Lake in Bhopal, this extraordinary creation stands as a symbol of creative transformation.

The making of this guitar scrap installation

This guitar scrap installation is the result of passionate and innovative craftsmanship. Skilled artisans repurposed discarded metal scraps with precision and attention to detail, transforming waste into a visually captivating work of art. It stands as an inspiring symbol of sustainability and artistic expression, showcasing the limitless possibilities of repurposed materials.


Presenting an extraordinary scrap installation that merges art, sustainability, and the world of radio—a captivating radio sculpture crafted entirely from 3 tons of recycled metal waste. This remarkable artwork takes center stage at the vibrant New Market Square, in collaboration with the acclaimed 93.5 Big FM project.

Nestled within the bustling atmosphere of New Market Square

Located at the heart of New Market Square, this installation invites passersby to pause and reflect on the interplay between art, sustainability, and the power of sound.



Introducing a captivating scrap installation that combines metal waste and plastic bottles to form the iconic BMC logo—a remarkable symbol of sustainability and creativity. This eye-catching artwork, weighing 2.5 tons, proudly adorns the ISBT bus stand in Bhopal, capturing the attention of both locals and visitors.

BMC Logo

BMC Logo

The presence of the BMC logo scrap installation at the bus stand symbolizes a shared commitment to a greener future. It showcases the city's dedication to promoting sustainable practices and serves as an inspiration for residents and visitors to adopt eco-friendly habits.

This scrap installation stands as a visual representation of the powerful union between art and sustainability. Its presence at the ISBT bus stand in Bhopal serves as a constant reminder of the collective responsibility to protect the environment and create a more sustainable world. Through its innovative use of materials and striking design, it invites individuals to reflect on their own role in waste management and encourages them to make conscious choices to preserve our planet.


Introducing a powerful and symbolic scrap installation that embodies the resilience and hope of the fight against COVID-19—a captivating representation of a Corona vaccine kit crafted from 1.5 tons of metal waste, 30,000 plastic bottles, and 1 ton of rubber tire. Standing tall at Prabhat Circle in Bhopal, this remarkable artwork serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of vaccination and the collective effort to overcome the pandemic.

Corona vaccine kit

Vaccine kit

The installation showcases the transformative power of repurposed materials. Skilled artisans have ingeniously repurposed metal waste, carefully selected plastic bottles, and discarded rubber tires to construct a visually striking representation of a vaccine kit. The fusion of these diverse materials creates a harmonious composition that captivates the imagination and evokes a sense of resilience and unity.

Media Coverage

Our transformative installation, featuring repurposed materials, has received media coverage. Skilled artisans ingeniously repurposed metal waste, plastic bottles, and rubber tires to create a visually striking representation of a vaccine kit. The media applauds our artistry and the message of resilience and unity it evokes. Stay tuned for more updates on our commitment to creativity and environmental consciousness.

Introducing a captivating and innovative installation that combines art, imagination, and environmental consciousness—a plastic-eating Rakshasa loader, installed within a dumping truck. This extraordinary artwork depicts a mythical creature with an insatiable appetite for plastic waste, serving as a striking reminder of the urgent need to address plastic pollution.

Plastic rakshasa